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Engine parts


18R-G  O/S Head Gasket 

18R-G  STD Head Gasket 

18R-G  Intake Gasket   $15.00

18R-G  Valve Cover Gasket (Cork)

18R-G  Forged Piston 92mm 12:1 com 

18R-G Stainless Steel Valves     

18R-G Valve Stem Oil Seal     

18R-G Headers 

18R-G Ignition Wire Set 



2T-G/3T-G   O/S Head Gasket 

2T-G    Intake Gasket    $15.00

2T-G    O/S Head Gasket 

2TG     Valve Cover Gasket 2T-G (Cork )

2T-G     Forged Piston 89mm 12:1 com 

2T-G Stainless Steel Valves     

2TG- Valve Stem Oil Seal     

2T-G Ignition Wire Set 


2T-G/3T-G   O/S Head Gasket

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